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Development and experimental verification of search and rescue ROV 

Correspondence Address: Prof. Bing Sun, Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center of Intelligent Maritime Search & Rescue and Underwater Vehicles, Shanghai Maritime University,No.1550 Haigang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 201306, China. E-mail:


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This paper mainly studies and designs a new type of search and rescue ROV system. The goal is to achieve the underwater target search and detection and small target capture and rescue operation requirements. First, the overall design of the whole underwater surface system and the layout design of the propulsion system are given. On this basis, the ROV frame structure, electronic cabin, and power cabin are designed and analyzed. In order to achieve the grasping task, a grasping hand is designed based on a multi-functional manipulator to achieve underwater grasping. And to make the ROV more intelligent, different kinds of underwater object detection and tracking method are adopted and analyzed. Finally, it was tested in the pool and sea to verify the reliability and stability of the designed search and rescue ROV.

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Sun B, Pang W, Chen M, Zhu D. Development and experimental verification of search and rescue ROV. Intell Robot 2022;2:[Accept].

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